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CodeXplore brings educational technology experts to run exciting school holiday coding camps to inspire and empower primary school students to explore, create and apply digital technologies in a variety of innovative and authentic ways.

The CodeXplore 5-day program inspires tech-savvy primary school students (8 – 12 years of age) to go beyond mobile and computer gaming, and move to create their own immersive experiences and web robots. Students will learn and consolidate computer science concepts, immersive design, and web robot development. This program is full of endless days of creativity, stimulus and fun that will cultivate the innovative spark in all our students.

The introductory offer of two x 5-day program will be during the 2018/2019 school holidays, 14 – 25 January 2019.

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Program Information

Students will learn and apply the latest digital technologies to an end-to-end virtual reality experience and web robot of their own.


Two 5-day summer holiday enrolment options are currently available

  • Mon – Fri, 14 – 18 January 2019
  • Mon – Fri, 21 – 25 January 2019

Cost: A$679 for the 5-day program

Introductory special offer: Enrol before 10 December 2018 for any of the two programs and receive a $50 discount, $629.


The University of New South Wales, Kensington Campus

Inclusions of the program:
  • Qualified experts in the immersive and bot world to run the camps
  • Snacks and Lunch
  • CodeXplore merchandise
  • Additional equipment and resources to design and create the immersive experience (VR - Virtual Reality) and Conversational Agents (Chat bots)

What to bring:

A laptop (Mac or PC) so you keep your creations

Language of Instruction:


About us


Our Story

CodeXplore is an upcoming provider of specialised coding programs to primary school students who would like to explore innovative digital technologies in a practical and authentic way.

The programs are a first of its kind where we have qualified experts facilitating to expand on the application of digital technologies and prepare our students for future success. We have developed a curriculum designed to enhance digital literacy, develop multidisciplinary skills and stimulate the creative and practical mindset.

Our Mission

Creating future leaders

At CodeXplore, we are dedicated in providing students the solid foundations of digital and educational technologies in a rich, interactive and fun way. It is our end goal for all students to be equipped and have access to high quality digital technology learning experiences, regardless of background, profile or proficiency to one day steer the direction of our future.

Using the latest platforms and tools designed to specifically learn how to apply a variety of digital technologies using a multi-dimensional approach, we aim to offer a learning experience that prepares students for a future in which computer technology and digital literacy will be vital across all disciplines and career pathways.

Why CodeXplore?

  • Be the first to eXplore the world of digital technologies in an innovative and authentic manner
  • Learn from eXperts in the fields of immersive technology and internet of things
  • Be amongst other codeXplorers who you will collaborate and create friendships with
  • eXpand your knowledge and skills in digital literacy and technology
  • Show and tell your codeXplore creations with family and friends

Our Founders

Dr Danni Maguire and Dr Mark E King

Born in Texas and raised all over America, I discovered from the earliest age that intellectual and physical curiosity formed the foundations of all human exploration and discovery. By age 40, I had travelled to over 70 countries conducting field research in some of the most arduous conditions on earth.

I also made a name for myself in the world of Hong Kong action cinema, with supporting roles in innumerable Hong Kong movies including several of the biggest hits in Asian cinema history. Based in Hong Kong from the mid 1980s, I proved that I was more than willing to take a hit and perform a stunt during my varied HK film career, eventually serving as stunt coordinator and performing stunts in both the Hong Kong lensed "Cracker" with Robbie Coltrane and "Night Watch" where I also doubled Pierce Brosnan.

With a PhD in Psychology and a career in higher education, I believe that the key to developing human intelligence is connection to Others in meaningful, problem-solving activity. Providing the potential for human beings to develop patterns of geometric thinking is something I am very passionate about. This belief forms the foundations and educational values for codeXplore.
- Dr Mark E King
Co-founder, CodeXplore

Born and raised in Sydney, I have been very lucky in many respects compared to my parents whose lives were disrupted by a war-torn country. My parents made me realise from a very young age how lucky I was to live in a country where education is encouraged instead of a privilege; is accessible no matter what gender or financial background; is the foundation to carving a future of success; and an enabler for societal and global change.

I am a self-confessed nerd, who enjoyed and excelled in Mathematics, English, Visual Arts, Photography, and the Sciences in school. I then continued my education and professional career in neuroscience research, before moving into the higher education technology start-up space. After a few years in higher education technology, I am now a leader in supporting higher education staff in the design and development of courses and programs delivered to university students.

I believe it is imperative to equip all our future leaders and creatives as early as possible with vital next generation skillsets of which includes digital literacy. It is from this belief that Mark and I conceptualised codeXplore. I hope that codeXplore will provide all students with new skills, experiences, friendships, and the ‘X’ factor to be inspired by their own abilities and creativity to ignite their lifelong learning in the digital era.”
- Dr Danni Maguire
Co-founder, CodeXplore

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Please contact us if you have any queries.
Phone: +61 4 5256 7157


UNSW Sydney - Kensington Campus